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Green Tea Gift Set

Tea Haven

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Discover the world of pure tranquility with our Green Tea Gift Set. Crafted for tea enthusiasts, this collection showcases the finest green teas from around the globe. Savor the refreshing Chun Mee Green Tea, indulge in the toasty notes of Genmaicha Green Tea, embrace the delicate floral essence of Jasmine Green Tea, and experience the nuanced flavors of Yun Wu Green Tea. To enhance your tea moments, we've included a small ceramic teapot, a symbol of elegance and functionality. Elevate your daily ritual or delight a loved one with this Green Tea Gift Set—a harmonious blend of tradition and taste that transports you to serene, green tea bliss.

Our green tea gift set includes four of our popular green teas and a ceramic teapot. Each tea is unique in flavor and leaf appearance. Packed in resealable pouch to ensure freshness.