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Rooibos Tea Gift Set

Tea Haven

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Indulge in the warm embrace of our Rooibos Tea Gift Set, a delightful exploration of South Africa's beloved herbal treasure. This collection offers a quartet of exceptional rooibos teas. Dive into the earthy richness of Rooibos Tea, discover the refreshing notes of Green Rooibos, relish the zesty twist of Orange Flavored Rooibos, and savor the sweet serenity of Vanilla Flavored Rooibos. Complementing this symphony of flavors is a small ceramic teapot, a timeless companion for your brewing ritual. Whether you're seeking relaxation or a thoughtful gift, our Rooibos Tea Gift Set beckons you to unwind with every sip, celebrating the soothing allure of rooibos.

Our rooibos tea gift set includes four of our popular rooibos teas and a ceramic teapot. Each tea is unique in flavor and leaf appearance. Packed in resealable pouch to ensure freshness.