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White Tea Gift Set

Tea Haven

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Elevate your tea experience with our White Tea Gift Set, a harmonious blend of delicate flavors and soothing aromas. This collection showcases the purity and elegance of white teas, featuring Bai Mu Dan White Tea known for its mild, floral notes, a Blueberry Flavored White Tea offering a sweet and fruity infusion, a Peach Flavored White Tea with a hint of summer bliss, and the timeless Shou Mei White Tea cherished for its subtlety. Complementing these exquisite teas is a small ceramic teapot, adding grace to your steeping ritual. Whether for self-indulgence or gifting, our White Tea Gift Set promises serenity and a truly exceptional tea experience.

Our white tea gift set includes four of our popular white teas and a ceramic teapot. Each tea is unique in flavor and leaf appearance. Packed in resealable pouch to ensure freshness.