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Organic Herb Tea Directory

We offer hundreds of organic herb teas in bulk loose tea, convenient single cup tea bags, and large easy brew bags (makes 4 - 6 cups). Also available in Non-Organic Herb Teas.

Organic Agrimony Herb

Organic Alfalfa Leaf

Organic Angelica Root

Organic Anise Seed

Organic Artichoke Leaf

Organic Ashwagandha Root

Organic Astragalus Root

Organic Barberry Root Bark

Organic Basil Leaf

Organic Bay Leaf

Organic Bayberry Root Bark

Organic Bilberry Leaf

Organic Birch Bark

Organic Birch Leaf

Organic Bitter Melon

Organic Black Cohosh Root

Organic Black Walnut Hull

Organic Black Walnut Leaf

Organic Blackberry Leaf

Organic Blessed Thistle Herb

Organic Blue Cohosh Root

Organic Boneset Herb

Organic Bupleurum Root

Organic Burdock Root

Organic Butcher's Broom Root

Organic Calendula Flower

Organic Caraway Seed

Organic Carob Bean Pod

Organic Cascara Sagrada Bark

Organic Catnip Herb

Organic Celandine Herb

Organic Celery Seed

Organic Centaury Herb

Organic Chamomile Flower

Organic Chickweed Herb

Organic Chicory Root

Organic Chicory Root (Roasted)

Organic Chrysanthemum Flower

Organic Cilantro Leaf

Organic Cleavers Herb

Organic Cloves

Organic Codonopsis Root

Organic Cordyceps Mushroom

Organic Coriander Seed

Organic Cornsilk

Organic Couchgrass Root

Organic Cramp Bark

Organic Cubeb Berry

Organic Cumin Seed

Organic Damiana Leaf

Organic Dandelion Leaf

Organic Dandelion Root

Organic Dandelion Root (Roasted)

Organic Devil's Claw Root

Organic Dill Seed

Organic Dill Weed

Organic Dong Quai Root

Organic Elder Berry

Organic Elder Flower

Organic Elecampane Root

Organic Eleuthero Root

Organic Epazote Herb

Organic Epimedium Leaf

Organic Eucalyptus Leaf

Organic Eyebright Herb

Organic Fennel Seed

Organic Fenugreek Seed

Organic Feverfew Herb

Organic Fo-ti Root

Organic Fumitory Herb

Organic Galangal Root

Organic Garcinia Fruit

Organic Garlic

Organic Gentian Root

Organic Ginger Root

Organic Ginkgo Leaf

Organic Goldenrod Herb

Organic Gotu Kola Herb

Organic Gymnema Leaf

Organic Hawthorn Berry

Organic Hawthorn Leaf & Flower

Organic Hibiscus Flower

Organic Honeybush

Organic Honeysuckle Flower

Organic Hops Flower

Organic Horehound Herb

Organic Hydrangea Root

Organic Hyssop Herb

Organic Jasmine Flower

Organic Juniper Berry

Organic Kudzu Root

Organic Lady's Mantle Herb

Organic Lavender Flower

Organic Lemon Balm Leaf

Organic Lemon Peel

Organic Lemon Verbena Leaf

Organic Lemongrass

Organic Licorice Root

Organic Linden Leaf & Flower

Organic Lotus Leaf

Organic Lovage Root

Organic Lycii Berry

Organic Maitake Mushroom

Organic Mangosteen

Organic Marjoram Leaf

Organic Marshmallow Leaf

Organic Marshmallow Root

Organic Meadowsweet Herb

Organic Milk Thistle Leaf

Organic Milk Thistle Seed

Organic Motherwort Herb

Organic Mugwort Herb

Organic Mullein Leaf

Organic Mustard Seed (Yellow)

Organic Neem Leaf

Organic Nettle Leaf

Organic Noni Fruit

Organic Oatstraw Herb

Organic Olive Leaf

Organic Orange Peel

Organic Oregano Leaf

Organic Oregon Grape Root

Organic Papaya Leaf

Organic Parsley Leaf

Organic Parsley Root

Organic Passion Flower Herb

Organic Peppermint Leaf

Organic Periwinkle Herb

Organic Plantain Leaf

Organic Pleurisy Root

Organic Psyllium Husk

Organic Psyllium Seed

Organic Raspberry Leaf

Organic Red Clover Flower

Organic Red Clover Herb

Organic Rehmannia Root

Organic Reishi Mushroom

Organic Rhubarb Root

Organic Rooibos

Organic Rooibos (Green)

Organic Rose Hips

Organic Rosemary Leaf

Organic Safflower

Organic Sage Leaf

Organic Saw Palmetto Berry

Organic Schizandra Berry

Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry

Organic Senna Leaf

Organic Senna Pod

Organic Shavegrass Herb

Organic Sheep Sorrel Herb

Organic Shepherd's Purse Herb

Organic Shiitake Mushroom

Organic Skullcap Herb

Organic Slippery Elm Bark

Organic Spearmint Leaf

Organic Speedwell Herb

Organic St. John's Wort Herb

Organic Stevia Leaf

Organic Strawberry Leaf

Organic Thyme Leaf

Organic Tulsi Leaf

Organic Turmeric Root

Organic Uva Ursi Leaf

Organic Valerian Root

Organic Vervain Herb

Organic Watercress Herb

Organic White Oak Bark

Organic White Willow Bark

Organic Wild Cherry Bark

Organic Wild Lettuce Herb

Organic Wild Yam Root

Organic Wood Betony Herb

Organic Wormwood Herb

Organic Yarrow Flower

Organic Yellow Dock Root

Organic Yerba Mate

Organic Yerba Mate (Roasted)