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Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

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Experience the delightful harmony of Organic Genmaicha Green Tea, a cherished Japanese blend known for its unique flavor profile. Our Organic Genmaicha combines premium green tea leaves with roasted brown rice, offering a toasty, nutty infusion with a subtle vegetal sweetness. Its pale, golden hue and comforting aroma make it a perfect choice for any occasion, whether enjoyed plain or with a dash of milk. Organic Genmaicha Green Tea captures the essence of Japanese tea culture, delivering a delightful and authentic tea experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Japan and elevate your tea ritual with every soothing and flavorful sip.

Ingredients: Organic Genmaicha Green Tea
Origin: Japan
Contains Caffeine

Available in Bulk Loose Tea, Tea Bags, and Easy Brew Bags
Organic Genmaicha Green Tea (Loose Tea) 
Organic Genmaicha Green Tea (Tea Bags) 
Organic Genmaicha Green Tea (Easy Brew Bags) 

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