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Sencha Green Tea

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Sencha, a beloved Japanese green tea, is known for its vibrant green color and fresh, grassy flavor. Grown under full sunlight, the tea leaves are steamed immediately after plucking to halt oxidation, resulting in a rich, vegetal taste with a hint of sweetness. Sencha is the most commonly consumed tea in Japan and comes in various grades, each offering a unique taste profile. This tea produces a bright green infusion and a fragrant, oceanic aroma. With its moderate caffeine content and invigorating qualities, Sencha is an essential part of Japanese culture and is celebrated for its simplicity and refreshing nature.

Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea
Origin: Japan
Contains Caffeine

Available in Bulk Loose Tea, Tea Bags, and Easy Brew Bags
Sencha Green Tea (Loose Tea) 
Sencha Green Tea (Tea Bags) 
Sencha Green Tea (Easy Brew Bags) 

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