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Orange Flavored Black Tea

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Elevate your tea experience with our Orange Flavored Black Tea House Blend, a harmonious fusion of premium black tea leaves and the zesty, citrusy essence of oranges. This blend offers a symphony of flavors, combining the bold, malty character of black tea with the refreshing, tangy notes of oranges. The infusion boasts a rich, inviting hue, and the aroma is as invigorating as the taste. Whether it's your morning ritual or a moment of relaxation in the afternoon, this blend embodies the perfect balance of tradition and citrusy zest. Discover the enchantment of our Orange Flavored Black Tea House Blend and infuse your day with the vibrance and vitality of citrus

Ingredients: Black Tea, Flavoring 
Origin: House Blend 
Contains Caffeine

Available in Bulk Loose Tea, Tea Bags, and Easy Brew Bags
Orange Flavored Black Tea (Loose Tea) 
Orange Flavored Black Tea (Tea Bags) 
Orange Flavored Black Tea (Easy Brew Bags) 

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