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Flavored Oolong Tea Sampler Set 2

Tea Haven

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Flavored Oolong Tea Sampler Set 2 (Loose Tea)

Enjoy six of our popular flavored oolong teas. Each is blended with delicious flavoring. Perfect for sampling or as gift.

  • Apple Flavored Oolong Tea (Loose Tea, 1 oz bag)
  • Blueberry Flavored Oolong Tea (Loose Tea, 1 oz bag)
  • Coconut Flavored Oolong Tea (Loose Tea, 1 oz bag)
  • Peach Flavored Oolong Tea (Loose Tea, 1 oz bag)
  • Raspberry Flavored Oolong Tea (Loose Tea, 1 oz bag)
  • Tropical Fruits Flavored Oolong Tea (Loose Tea, 1 oz bag)