Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea (2 oz)

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Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea offers the iconic flavor of Earl Grey without the high caffeine kick. This tea is a blend of decaffeinated black tea leaves and the essential oil of bergamot oranges, delivering a fragrant, citrusy aroma and a distinctive, well-balanced taste. Decaf Earl Grey maintains the classic Earl Grey character, featuring the dark, robust base of black tea tempered by the bright, floral notes of bergamot. It's a soothing and flavorful choice for those who love the elegance of Earl Grey but wish to enjoy it in the evenings or for a decaffeinated tea break.

Ingredients: Decaf Black Tea, Bergamot Oil
Origin: House Blend

Available in Bulk Loose Tea, Tea Bags, and Easy Brew Bags
Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea (Loose Tea) 
Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea (Tea Bags) 
Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea (Easy Brew Bags) 

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