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Chinese Black Tea Sampler Set

Tea Haven

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Explore the rich tapestry of Chinese black teas with our Chinese Black Tea Sampler Set. This thoughtfully curated collection showcases the diverse flavors and aromas of China's finest tea traditions. Delight in the refined character of China Black Tea, savor the malty sweetness of Keemun Black Tea, and experience the smoky allure of Lapsang Souchong. Let the exotic Lychee and Rose Congou Black Teas transport you to far-off lands, while the robust Yunnan Black Tea captures the essence of China's tea culture. This sampler is a passport to a world of tea craftsmanship, perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and those embarking on their tea journey.

Enjoy six of our popular Chinese black teas. Each is unique in flavor and leaf appearance. Perfect for sampling or as gift.